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 This site was created in the memory of our son, Cooper Eason who was born in Sydney Australia on October 06, 2004 and passed away on August 03, 2006 at the age of 22 months.

So we left him gently sleeping,
But he had to go away,
To a place among the rainbows,
Where we’ll meet again, someday.

They say that time's a healer

But we are not so sure

It's been 7 years since you left us

Yet we miss you more and more

Your footprints cross the morning

Your laughter warms the day

Your love shines through the rainbows

Your spirit guides our way

Your memory is a keepsake

Which we will never part

God has you in His keeping

We have you in our hearts

We left you gently sleeping

But you had to go away

To a place amongst the rainbows

Where we'll meet again someday.


Funny boy Cooper, playing up to the camera in Fiji

The photo above was taken the week before my beautiful boy died. It is my favourite photo, it has captured the essence of my boy, pure love and happiness.  This was Cooper - he loved 100% and was forever happy.  Always a cheeky smile on his face and mischief in his eyes.



I had it all. A loving husband, a beautiful daughter and a beautiful son. Life couldn't be any better. That changed on the 3rd August 2006. Our precious 22 month old son Cooper Joshua Eason died in his sleep. He was a happy, healthy & beautiful little boy. He had an aura about him. People gravitated towards him. He even had 3 marriage proposals in his short life! I thought I would be chasing all the girls away with a stick. No-one was getting to my boy. God obviously thought he was a special boy as he took him back Home. To this day there is no reason for his death, the official coroners report states the cause of his death to be 'undetermined'.

Our boy was extraordinary. He was a funny little man and was very affectionate and happy. He loved his big sister Olivia and with exactly 2 years difference between them they were such great friends. He was a Mummy's Boy and my special little man. By the age of 22 months he had developed his own personality, his vocabulary was increasing in leaps and bounds. ”I Love you Cooper”, I ov oo too’ he would whisper.

I love him so much and struggle daily with his death. The pain is too much. Yes I was blessed to have had the joy of Cooper for 22 months, for 2 Xmas’ and 1 birthday but presently these memories cause me infinite anguish; of what I had, of the future that will never be.

I say Cooper was extraordinary, because from the age of about 8 months, Cooper was mesmerized with The Wizard of Oz. He loved singing along to Somewhere Over the Rainbow and was IN LOVE with Dorothy. He would watch, again and again, totally transfixed.

An amazing thing the day after Cooper died was the torrential rain and subsequently, the stunning rainbows that were seen over the next couple of days. We interpret these Rainbows as a sign from God, a sign from our boy.

One day in particular when I was feeling extremely low and questioning my faith, I told Josh how upset I was with the fact that I had only seen 1 Rainbow. Later that afternoon I was back at my brother's house; he rushed me to the back verandah. There, right in front of us was the most BEAUTIFUL rainbow I have ever seen. The rainbow ended right in front of our eyes in the Woronora River (see photos). It was amazing and it sent goosebumps through us all.

I have no doubt this sign was from my boy Cooper. He was telling me that he is OK, that he is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", safe in God's arms.

Cooper loved life, he loved people, he loved his family and he loved kisses and cuddles. He gave us so much happiness and joy during his short life and I'm so glad that I got to spend 22 months with him. But oh how I wish it could have been longer. 

Some thoughts from your Da

We'll my little man - we've been pulled into a year that we never wanted to start, through the festive season without the cheer. The lead up to these earthly milestones is usually so much harder than the day of the event - it's been such a difficult time to exist and function whilst everyone is celebrating and full of cheer. I know that this is a selfish way to be, and it denies your mummy, sister, family & friends the love & happiness that you gave to us all.

I know that I've been allowing myself to wallow in self pity & loss in the lead up to this time of year. I've been searching and longing for the impossible - to bring you back - but trying to change things over which you have no control is so self defeating and crippling.

As we come through I can feel an even stronger connection, our spiritual connection is growing stronger as i try to focus on the things that i can control - the present and not the past. Searching and making you part of my every living moment and seeing your presence and love in all of those around - in this pursuit I've found more sense and strength.

I know that my boy is not dead, whatever coud kill such a beautiful soul, you're just living in a different place - an eternal home. As I try to live beyond my grief in connection with your eternal home seems to make a lot more sense. I knowing that my boy is alive in a place without pain, grief or worry (isn't this what we all try to provide our children in this world) and this gives me an uneasy sense of inner peace.

I know now that it is us that need to come to you and that the pain is ours not yours - what father wouldn't endure a lifetime of pain for the safety and security of his children. Except I now know that it is only another 40-50 years of pain - after that I will have a lifetime of happiness with you again.

So each year is a year closer until we can look upon each other again, not a year without you. For you are with me every second and if I can find a way to live beyond my grief and exist in connection with you then we will grow together and when we are re-united again there will be no gaps to plug, no time to make up - we can just play again as two boys having fun - until then - we will be two hearts beating as one.

I love you little man

Your Da.

Olivia and her beautiful cousin Brooke chasing the end of the rainbow.

Glimpses of Heaven
a poem written by Uncle Greg

You are the brightest star shining at night,
You are the glory of morning’s first light,
You are the touch of a gentle sea breeze,
The colours, the rustle, of autumn’s first leaves.

You are the chorus of birds as they sing,
You are the beauty of a butterfly’s wings,
You are the seashore, where ocean meets land,
The crashing of waves, the warm golden sand.

You are the silver, lining the clouds,
You’re our magnolia, standing so proud,
You are God’s angel, you dance by his feet,
Ever so charming, ever so sweet.

You are the storm clouds, reflecting our pain,
You are the thunder, the lightning, the rain,
You are the tears we shed every day,
That we’ll see you in heaven, dear Cooper we pray.

You are the lighthouse to show us the way,
You are the eagle we search for each day,
You are the dolphins that dive by our boat,
You are the rainbows that fill us with hope.

Rainbows, sunsets, oceans of blue,
These glimpses of heaven, Cooper, remind us of you.

Gently Sleeping
written by Emily Weaver for Melissa, Josh & Olivia

We left him gently sleeping,
But he wandered to the sky,
And although he saw us weeping,
He just couldn’t fathom why..

For the rainbows danced around him,
And the stars called out his name.
In a joyous happy chorus,
As he joined them in their game. 

His footprints cross the morning,
And his laughter warms the day,
Like a bending willow swaying,
As he frolicks on his way.

Like a fragile bud that blossoms,
He brought beauty to the Earth,
And reflections of the wonder,
Raining down with every birth.

Our tears could not contain him,
nor implore the butterfly,
But our memories console us,
And our love will never die.

So we left him gently sleeping,
But he had to go away,
To a place among the rainbows,
Where we’ll meet again, someday. 

Thank you Cooper for giving us so many special memories. You are a beautiful angel who touched our souls and you will be in our hearts eternally. We will forever cherish our too short time with you baby boy.



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